WoW Classic – beginner’s guide, game tips

The long-awaited release of World of Warcraft Classic took place on August 27. Of course, most of the audience were already experienced players, many of whom played WoW for many years or decided to play “vanilla.”

But at the same time, a huge number of newcomers have appeared in the game, who are just getting acquainted with the wonderful world of Warcraft. It won’t be easy to figure out the game on your own, so I have prepared some practical tips, instructions, and recommendations in this guide. Also, this guide will refresh your memory if you last logged into the game several years ago.

Why is everyone playing Classic and not Battle for Azeroth?

Too many newbies really don’t understand why most WoW players are now choosing Classic. Everything is straightforward – this version is slower and more complex. Thus, it is much more interesting to complete quests, go on raids, level up, and just travel the world.

In modern versions, including Battle for Azeroth, everything has been greatly simplified and made the game more casual (for a wide range of users). What can I say? Real “veterans” need hardcore.

Which server to choose

After installing the game and logging in, you first need to select a server (world). The style of further play will directly depend on this.

There are 3 main servers in total:

  • PvP is player versus player. Those. You will pump your character in a hostile world, where you can be attacked at any time by a player of another faction (except for the contested and initial territories). On such servers, you can create characters for only one faction – the Alliance or the Horde.
  • PvE is a player against the environment. You can safely travel the world and not be afraid that other players will attack you. If desired, you can turn on the PvP mode.
  • RP is a role-playing world in which you need to act out your character’s image and communicate with other players.

I would recommend you a PvP server if you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of WoW Classic fully. Besides, almost all streamers play in this world – this will allow you to join their guilds and go through various activities with them.

Which faction to choose

After choosing a server, you will need to decide on a faction – Alliance or Horde. Each of them has 4 races, with paladins being a unique race for the Alliance and Shamans for the Horde. All others are available for some and others.

Besides, the Alliance and Horde have significantly different locations and quest tasks, but this does not affect the pumping process. We can say that the components are changing, but not the general concept.

You can choose a faction according to personal preference. But keep in mind that you will not be able to join groups and communicate with the opposite side. So follow your friends or favorite streamers.

What race and class to choose

Each race and class in World of Warcraft has unique traits and skills that seriously impact the overall gameplay. By clicking on the race and class icon on the right, you will find their detailed description. If you have never played WoW, be sure to check them out to get a general idea.

Let’s briefly go over the features of each class:

  • Mage – The main role is to deal with the damage. Possesses good control, can create teleporters, water, and food;
  • Priest (Priest) – can act as an excellent healer or inflict damage, extremely convenient during pumping;
  • Rogue (Horns) – deals damage, has invisibility, poisons his victim, can attack from an ambush, can pick locks;
  • Warlock (Warlock) – deals damage with dark magic, can frighten the victim, summon a demon and impose a curse;
  • Warrior (Var) – can act as a tank or inflict damage, accumulates rage, and converts it into abilities;
  • Druid – can act in all three roles (tank, healer, DPS), transform into various animals with their own unique skills;
  • Hunter (Hunter) – deals damage. For this, he uses ranged weapons and tamed pets;
  • Paladin – a unique class of the Alliance, is universal, can act in all three roles;
  • The Shaman is a unique Horde class, capable of dealing with damage and healing with totems.

Character leveling

As soon as you enter the game for the selected character, it would help if you started pumping it. To do this, take quest tasks (several are possible at once), which are indicated by yellow exclamation marks. The assignment’s text says were to follow and what assignment to complete (for example, kill 5 wolves).

Addons are an excellent assistant not only in completing tasks but also in other important matters. You can find suitable for yourself by this link. For example, they will show directions for completing quests, mark important places on the map, etc.

As you increase your level, you will unlock new abilities that can be learned from class instructors. Having reached level 10, access to the pumping of talents will open (each class has 3 branches of development available). Distribute talent points wisely depending on your playstyle and role (tank, healer, or DPS).

Tip: if you do not know how to distribute talents, use a special calculator (ready-made builds) available on many thematic sites. It will allow you to pump by analogy with more experienced players.

New skills and their increased levels must be manually brought to the quick access panel. Do not forget to perform these operations to play with the abilities relevant to your level.

Various resources and equipment can be collected from the bodies of killed opponents (in addition to quest items). Collect everything that comes to hand – in the future, all the trash can be sold to merchants, and with the proceeds, you can learn new skills and spend on other useful things.

Capital Cities

After passing the initial locations and completing all the quest tasks in them, you will be directed to the capital. For the Alliance, this is Stormwind, and for the Horde, it is Orgimmar. Here you can learn many useful things and learn more about the game. To not get lost, use the help of the guards, who will point the right way in the direction you need.

For example, the first thing you can do is visit a weapon trainer and learn how to use swords, staves, bows, daggers, etc. This will be extremely useful because, in the future, you will knock out cool weapons, many of which may not suit you.

Professions in WoW Classic

Also, in the capital, you can learn new professions for yourself. They are divided into 2 main types – the primary (main) and secondary (additional).

  • Secondary professions – first aid, cooking, fishing. If money allows, be sure to study them. So you can create food for yourself, get useful items, and heal with bandages.
  • The main professions are blacksmithing, alchemy, engineering, enchanting, leatherworking, herbalism, tailoring, and skinning. You can learn two of them at the same time.

You can choose a profession according to personal preference. For example, the Mage will benefit from Tailoring, which will allow him to create clothes and bags for himself to sell. As a second class transfer, you can take, for example, Enchanting to improve your items and weapons. A similar analogy can be drawn for other classes.

Dungeons in World of Warcraft Classic

Dungeons and Raids are one of the coolest activities in WoW. Together with a group of friends, fellow guilds, or just random travelers, you have to go to meet adventures. Serious opponents and bosses will be waiting for you. From them, you will get a lot of experience, coins, and great equipment.

The first raid for the Alliance is Deadmines, and for the Horde – Fiery Chasm. The essence of their passage is approximately the following:

  • The tank plays in the first line, absorbing all the damage from opponents. He needs to gain aggro so that the mobs hit him and not other weaker allies.
  • The allies that do the main damage are behind. Their task is straightforward – to give as much damage as possible in a short period of time. Also, depending on the class, you will need to stun mobs, knock down their abilities, put them to sleep, hex, etc.
  • On the second line, healers control all incoming damage to allies and replenish it in time.

This was a basic guide to World of Warcraft Classic. It will help novice players quickly get used to the game, understand the basic mechanics and principles. Big adventures await you ahead. Just be patient with pumping!