Don’t let yourself get bored. Best MMOs to play in the summer of 2020

The vacation season is coming, but it’s bad luck, due to restrictions, many resorts are closed and going to the seaside classics becomes not such a trivial task. What to do sitting at home on vacation? Of course, hack into some kind of MMO. In this article, I will talk about several IMOs that are more relevant than ever in the summer of 2020.

Elder Scrolls Online

If you’ve never tried this MMO from the creators of the famous The Elder Scrolls game series, then now is the time. Not only that, a cool update was recently released that added full-fledged locations from Skyrim, but also the game was completely translated into Russian. In ESO, you will find something to your liking – a lot of interesting quests, interesting dungeons and, of course, dynamic pvp, both for fans of massive battles and for small rating battles.

Albion online

For fans of old-school MMOs. Isometric RPG with an emphasis on economics. The peculiarity of this game is that if you died, then all the things that you had with you drop out. The player has to think through his decisions – to go a little further and take risks, for the sake of resources or to retreat and discard what was already mined in the caches. Thanks to such mechanics, the game has a well-developed system of economics and thanks to this, all kinds of activities from fighters to artisans are in demand in it. The best way to develop in Albion online is to find a guild and develop a common settlement. In general, this game will definitely not let you get bored.

World of Warcraft Classic

And we end the list with classics, in every sense of the word. Plunge into nostalgia with your head now is the right time. Just the other day, the last stage should begin – Ankirazh. A huge number of players, dungeons, raids and global pvp – all as in the good old. Is this not what every fan of MMO dreams of.

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