What to do in the minecraft if you become bored

From time to time, almost every Minecraft player gets bored.

Each time you create a new world, your actions become monotonous and cyclical. You get a tree, a stone, then find valuable resources, make yourself armor and kill the Ender Dragon. The game is over.

Friends, remember one important thing: ” it’s important not how you play the game, but how you play it .”

And now let’s see the possible options that you can do in Minecraft if it is already pretty boring for you:

[1] Try playing in Hardcore mode. Test your abilities.

[2] Install the cards and start passing them. This method greatly diversifies ordinary survival.

[3] Tame each pet in the game and name it. So you will not be too lonely 🙂

[4] Build an underwater base. Now the underwater world of Minecraft looks completely different and there is a reason for buildings under water.

[5] Get all possible achievements. Many have forgotten about it.

[6] Play in a flat world. Passing the game in this mode will be difficult.

[7] Recreate your home or apartment from your life.

[8] Install mods. Modifications greatly diversify the gameplay.

The Millenaire mod adds many settlements to the game.
The Millenaire mod adds many settlements to the game.

[9] Compose music using music blocks.

[10] Collect rare items in the game.

[11] Build beautifully. You can use photographs of real buildings as a reference and try to make them in the game.

[12] Find friends. In a company, it is always more fun to play different games.

[13] Recreate the supermarket. And let the residents be cashiers/buyers 🙂
[14] Build a zoo of all the mobs in Minecraft.

[15] Craft a book and write down everything that happens to you in the game.

[16] Do what you have never done before. For example Redstone schemes, automatic farms, grandiose or not very built.

And most importantly – do it!

You have the right to do anything, and do not depend on the rules of the game. After all, Minecraft provides each of us with unlimited creative activity, so do it yourself!