Top 5 Roblox Games Actual games for 2020

One of the great options for trying to have fun might be Roblox. With its almost limitless number of games, friendly community, and friendly graphics, there is surely something to do. In this article, I will talk about the top 5 Roblox games that we strive for the most, but this is the nominal top, all of these games are very good.

The Really Easy Obby

This game is in the style of overcoming obstacles, in Roblox there are many, but this one stands out thanks to its innovative use of obstacles and puzzles, which I have not seen in any other. Let the word easy not bother you, this game is not at all simple.

Retail Tycoon

At Retail Tycoon, you start with a tiny store, and your goal is to turn it into a major retail outlet. You will be responsible for orders, cash desk, store layout design, cleaning and much more. As your revenue increases, you can buy more land to expand your store and hire staff to do some work.

Phantom forces

Phantom Forces combines Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter-Strike elements into a fairly high-caliber shooter. You can choose one of four classes of soldiers – sniper, attack aircraft, reconnaissance and heavy gunner. Each class has its own characteristics, which can be improved as more items are passed and unlocked.

Stop it slender

Stop it Slender is probably the scariest game I’ve played in Roblox at the moment. The essence of the game is simple. Of the group of players, one is selected as Slenderman, the rest are survivors. Survivors should find eight pages of a magazine that are scattered across maps. Slenderman must stop them. The cards are creepy and full of fear, I almost fell off my chair when I first saw Slenderman. All it takes to kill you is just staring at Slenderman for too long, and your health is failing at an alarming rate.

Project lazarus

The bottom line is simple: a group of survivors must restrain wave after wave of zombies and live as long as possible. When you kill zombies or repair barricades, you earn points that you can spend on better weapons or removing obstacles that block the map. As you might expect, the first few waves are pretty simple, but soon things get a lot more complicated and require teamwork to survive. Sometimes zombies leave bonuses after death that benefit the entire team, they can give additional ammunition, short-term instant kills or other buffs.