Top 5 middles of Dota 2 patch 7.26c

Dota 2 is constantly releasing a new patch, and this is constantly changing the professional meta. Unlike a professional meta, where all games are played with extreme coordination, the meta pub is mostly dependent on the solo hero. Most players try to go to mid to choose the strongest hero and win the game. In this article, I will talk about the 5 best heroes of the middle line in Dota 2 for patch 7.26c. These data are based on the ranks of the Divine and Immortal.

5th place – Tinker

Tinker has been one of the best mid in recent weeks. Hero selection ratio is 4.67%, and the winning ratio is 48.54%. Most players at the beginning of the game collect a blink. After you receive it,
complete the assembly with trappers and you can start ganking on all the lines, making many early killings. Tinker is also very famous for its ability to farm faster than most mid. This gives the hero a huge advantage over everyone else since you can become stronger in less time. This plays a big role, as the average duration of the game in patch 7.26c has been reduced. Tinker is the favorite choice for the mid because in this short time you can get a lot of farms. In general, Tinker takes fifth place, since he is very good for both the early stage and comebacks.

4th place – Lone Druid

The druid continues to apart for many patches. This hero is absolutely universal and strong on any line but is truly revealed in the mid. Get an early ult and a good farm, and thanks to the bear it is a pleasure to farm in the mid-country, you become a real gang machine. In general, the druid is very strong in both the early fight and the late, considering that you have a hero with 12 slots. Of the minuses, this, of course, is that the hero is not the easiest and they have to get used to playing, so only 4 places.

3rd place – Necrolyte


A very easy-to-learn hero, if you follow the IT build, then with a high degree of probability you will win. Necrolyte is a universal hero, his ult allows you to come back even in the worst of situations. In fact, his ultimate is turned off, or maybe it removes one enemy hero from the batch, regardless of how much he is far too farmed. Collect graves and objects with passives and protection, and you will be happy. Definitely a strong hero in this patch – 3rd place.

2nd place – Quin Of Pain

From the latest patches it can be seen that Valve was preparing for the release of new cool skin on Kvopu, and it was notably upset. In almost every patch of the last 10, she was improved and now she is one of the best mid-players in the game at the moment. Her talents and skills allow her to destroy the enemy at the beginning of the game and inflict huge damage and interfere with enemies in the late. A very mobile and convenient hero, as well as easy to learn – all these qualities allow Akasha to take 2nd place.

1st place – Lycanthrope

Absolutely universal hero. You can pick it at the first peak and the enemy will not be able to do anything with it, because it will not know your role. Of course, Likan is unlikely to be a support, but he can safely go farming in the farm, either push hard or get a fast level in mid and go destroy everything in his path, as in our case. You can play on any proposed assembly for Mid Likan and most likely win if you don’t make too many mistakes. At the moment, the win rate of this hero on the Divine is about 60% – this is a very large number and the first place at the top.

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