Top 5 best weapons in CoD: Mobile

CoD: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile shooters in the world. This game is gaining momentum in eSports. This year the World Cup is taking place, in which anyone can take part, if he can qualify. To show good results in this game, it is not enough to have a good skill, you need to choose the right weapon. In this article, I will help you with this.


The only sniper rifle in the top and there are reasons for this. Sniper rifles require a very high level of play and are very situational, so professional players rarely choose them. However, Arctic.50 has several advantages. Despite the fact that this is a semi-automatic rifle, with certain body kits, it can hit the enemy the first time. This makes her extremely effective. Of the minuses of this weapon is poor mobility and the complexity of conducting close combat. Of the body kits, an enlarged store is required, the rest are set according to the situation.

4th place: Type 25

One of the best assault rifles. The high rate of fire and accuracy leaves no chance at short range, but for medium and long is not the best choice. The main plus of this rifle in high mobility. Of the modifications, an enlarged store is required.

3rd place: AK117

A very nice machine in terms of the feeling of shooting, one of the best choices for a beginner to learn to control the scope and recoil. Good for medium and long-range, but for close combat, there is not enough damage and rate of fire. Of the required body kits, the rear handle, and butt.

2nd place: LK24

In the second place, almost not inferior to the leader LK24. Throughout the existence of CoD: Mobile, this assault rifle has only gotten better. Of the minuses, not only the highest damage can be distinguished, but it is compensated for by accuracy and firing range without loss of lethal force, and with the CMO it becomes a cut above its competitors. Mandatory bodywork CMO and rear handle.

1st place: BK57

Absolute top at any distance. Good basic parameters allow you to choose anybody kit based on your playing style. Nice returns, high rate of fire and accuracy, good damage – all this makes this machine the number one choice for all professional players. Of the body kits, I can advise the butt, rear handle and time.


In Cod: Mobile, a wide selection of weapons for every taste. In this article, I told you about the guns that are most often found in professional players. However, this does not mean that this weapon is suitable for you, for sure you can find exactly the one with which you will be most comfortable playing.

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped you with the choice of weapons in CoD: Mobile.