Review Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Life at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, at Bikini Atoll, flows serenely. If a problem arises, Sponge Bob immediately rushes to solve it, naive-brave and unbendingly positive – so much so that even annoying. 17 years later, he returned to the platform remake SquarePants SpongeBob: The Bottom of Battle for Bikini, which received a postscript RehydratedTHQ Nordic entrusted Purple Lamp Studios, which still won’t finish The guild 3. She turned out to be both a museum and a SpongeBob attraction.

Brilliant past

In BfBB, a sneaky Plankton stamped an army of robots. True, they refused to obey the creator – the villain forgot to pull one of the levers on the conveyor. Save yourself, citizens of Bikini Bottom, – crazy pieces of iron rush about on the streets!

The town serves as a hub. At first, you can wander around the protagonist’s house, look at Squidward, visit Patrick, have a few words with Bubble Buddy and Mr. Krabs. Well, for the cause! A taxi will take you to the Medusa Fields, Laguna Gu Beach, Sandy Mountain Resort, and so on. At the destination, either a familiar large level is expected, modestly divided into zones, or a duel with the boss.

Along the way, Sponge Bob collects Patrick’s golden shoulder blades, sparkles, and socks. Glitter drops from defeated enemies and broken idols. The character attracts them like a magnet, so there is no need for extra body movements. This saves time because you can’t run in a remake, as in the original. Of the three available heroes (Bob, Patrick, Sandy squirrel), only the yellow sponge is able to move faster than usual if it stumbles upon the sponge ball.

Socks, unlike shines, are slyly hidden. Both “currencies” are exchanged for shoulder blades. It is the blades in BfBB that are most important – they are needed to pass into new zones. For example, to penetrate into the garbage can, the residence of Plankton, 75 scapulae are required. You will get some of them in two, and others will gnaw with the tenacity of the hyperactive star of the animated series, clutching at the tasks of Mrs. Puff, trying to break records on race tracks and performing acrobatic feats.

BfBB is ranked among the collect-a-thon genre (the main task is to search for any trinkets), however, the authors do not force vacuuming locations. On the contrary, you will jog two thirds of the game without racking your brains over how to get hold of your shoulder blades to finally break through to the final boss. Just how, and not where – the location of kitchen utensils is displayed in the menu.

In 2003, different versions of BfBB were released on consoles and PCs: on the consoles - the usual platform game (it was reanimated by the Austrian studio), on PCs - a collection of mini-games.
In 2003, different versions of BfBB were released on consoles and PCs: on the consoles – the usual platform game (it was reanimated by the Austrian studio), on PCs – a collection of mini-games.

Square Pants vs Square Robots

SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are different abilities. The first breaks the blocks above his head, like Mario, launches a bubble rocket and a bubble ball for bowling, moreover, he is not afraid to snarl into the abyss from the bungee. The second stuns enemies and throws objects, including an ice cube that freezes water. The third hovers on the lasso and clings to hooks hung under the ceiling.

Change of character is allowed at the bus stop. Locations are designed in such a way that they need to be passed by two heroes – a sponge and a starfish or a sponge and a squirrel. For example, they will not be allowed to show up with Patrick at Rock Bott – he simply does not have those abilities that allow him to overcome the level.

So, the rotation of jumpers is an important moment, accelerating the monotony of arcade gameplay. Wake up from the routine and opponents. At first, it seems, they say nothing special – flicker against the background, crumble from one or two strokes. Then you notice: a little thing is scurrying under your feet, robots are buzzing more cautiously in the air, while the nastiest ones shoot from afar. Infrequently in platformers, you encounter sensible ordinary enemies.

Bosses also make a difference. Firstly, they are absurd – like the King of jellyfish, who does not hesitate to take an open-air shower. Secondly, they resemble enemies from Super Mario Odyssey, that is, they expect from you a little agility and observation. I support this approach!

Most of all at BfBB I was pleased with the racing stages, peppy and famously twisted. A whole level is dedicated to them (Sandy Mountain). The only gripe is that all the tinsel from the broken idols flies in the face, blocking the view.
Most of all at BfBB I was pleased with the racing stages, peppy and famously twisted. A whole level is dedicated to them (Sandy Mountain). The only gripe is that all the tinsel from the broken idols flies in the face, blocking the view.

Is BBB a children’s game or hardcore – everyone will decide for himself. On the one hand, difficulties with jumping over stakes and dodging from inflatable dragons will not arise, and flimsy platforms, overturning cubes, and moving supports are familiar from other arcades. Checkpoints are lavished generously, teleport boxes connect the beginning and end of the stage, it is easy to transfer to anywhere in the world through a map. Purple Lamp Studios does not punish death.

On the other hand, the remake came from the original disease of the PS2 era. The levels are tricky and confusing (take the Algal forest): you will delve a little into them and instantly forget what they were asked to do. Here and there are invisible walls. In Bikini-Bottom it is forbidden to enter certain territories – because of the frame, a miraculous hand pops out and transfers the Sponge Bob five centimeters to the left. With mandatory download! In some places, robots are actively reviving, even if the machine that cooks them is not puffing nearby. Vulnerable areas on opponents sometimes have to skillfully heal. Or here: it seems, I jumped to the platform, in fact – stepped on the wrong pixel and fell. Or so: a cactus grows for itself, and you won’t guess that you can also push off from it and climb higher.

Purple Lamp Studios did not cope with technical errors. Water is obliged to kill heroes, but in fact, this does not always happen. I also managed to soar above the Medusa fields – did not leave the atmosphere, rebooted.

Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – a commendable remake. Tests and management are not annoying, from time to time original instructions come across. Play as nice as crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. As the SpongeBob platformer, it seems to me inferiorYooka-Laylee. Plus closer to me are three-dimensional arcades with a side view, say Yoshi’s Crafted World, where the gameplay is much more varied.

And finally, a warning for those who are not among SpongeBob fans, but want to try out a remake. Design and architecture are specific. Gamma – too bright, childish, someone will say – vyrviglaznaya. The jokes were written with an eye on the kids, however, the creators of the animated series cannot refuse imagination. If the above does not scare you off, then safely jump on board!

Pros: solid graphics and animation (just look at Patrick!); responsive control (and you won’t get confused with the buttons, unlikeIndivisible ); cheerful voice acting; there are screen exercises for platformers, and there are original ones.

Cons: plot – formal, motivation in the form of pursuit of golden blades quickly exhausts itself; level design and the logic of a number of missions – greetings from the early 2000s.