Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2021: Lineage II M, ODIN: Valhalla Rising and More

Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2021: Lineage II M, ODIN: Valhalla Rising and More

With the arrival of 2021, many are asking the question: which mobile games will be released and which ones are worthy of public attention? I decided to answer these questions and remove all doubts. The list is rather cumbersome, but this means that we have covered as many releases as possible that will please everyone, so that no one leaves offended.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The Magic the Gathering series popularized the card genre in the 90s, but the smartphone version is likely to be the very last. You see, CBT has just begun and only on Android. The general idea is the same as inHearthstone : two opponents play a deck, you have to pay mana for each card, and so on. At the same time, the setting is aimed at simulating a real table with cards that are sometimes stacked on top of one another. If you are new to the genreCCI , then it is hardly worth starting with MTG, since even in training, the developers imply that we know the basics and do not need to chew everything.

ODIN: Valhalla Rising

Lionheart Studios wants to work on cross-platform MMORPG ; she has a Scandinavian setting, so you should expect Thor, Odin and hugefantasy creatures. We are promised a seamless world (no downloads), plus you can fly freely to the ends of the world, because all the objects you see are real. The project is done onUnreal Engine 4 ; the picture looks juicy. Expect at least four continents.

Lineage II M

Old-timers remember Lineage II’s golden years. The mobile version is still available in South Korea, but we are looking forward to the global launch. Published byNetmarble . In trailers and videos, you can see large-scale battles, but only the FPS in such cases sags a lot. The developers promise “highest quality” graphics and a seamless open world. The classes are not only classic, but also new ones that did not appear in the previous parts.

Lost Light

NetEase Games just announced its new lootershooter for mobile phones, as the closed beta began almost immediately. Battle royale fans will immediately recognize familiar elements: they begin with the interface and end with stunning the enemy. After that, additional options appear: if inPUBG Mobile our main goal is to kill everything that moves and does not move, then there is a more complex relationship between random players. You see, a half-dead enemy can be finished off, healed, and even added to a group.

The arms, legs, torso and head have a separate health indicator, which turns red if they hit a lot. It is not yet clear how this system works: injured arms aim worse and recharge slower, and you cannot run with injured legs? The main goal is to pick up valuable loot and live for a certain time. The project is promising and is the first game in 2021 to take mobile gameplay to the next level (on new gaming trends this yearread here ).

Binary Gods

This unusual project is being carried out by the Rayark Games studio, which presented the gaming world with a platformer MO: Astray . Since the last news in early January, nothing has changed: we have a concept video that is unlikely to be done on the game engine. Apparently we will getslasher , where the main characters are a cyborg girl. She can not only fight with a sword in close combat, but also transform it into a cannon. The general entourage remindsNieR Automata .

Dawn Awakening

Tencent Mobile releases games on an assembly line and Dawn Awakening is a direct confirmation of this. We are promised an “ultra-realistic game with an emphasis on survival” and a seamless open world. The project is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4. We are waiting for interactive gameplay and a well-developed plot. We will hunt in the wild, search abandoned cities and look for allies. The arsenal of weapons is extensive: edged weapons, mines, traps and typical firearms.