Money and Gold Mod in Block Strike

“Counter Strike” is a hit of the gaming industry with a huge mass of loyal fans. According to the CS: GO concept, many copy games were released, one of which was the mobile Block Strike, which offered to enter into an exciting confrontation between special forces and terrorists. In some cases, the gameplay of the game is too complicated for the player, and many start looking for a hack that allows you to get a number of gaming advantages. What money and gold mods exist for Block Strike? What are the features of their use? We will tell in our material.

Features of the mods in Block Strike

As you know, the mobile “ Block Strike ” is a network game whose data is stored on game servers. The body of the game is installed on the user phone, the game connects to the server, where the main gameplay is carried out, including the calculation of the battle and changing the characteristics of users.

Gameplay is being processed on game servers

Since game data is stored on servers ( including data on gold and money ), changing such characteristics is possible only by hacking the game servers of Rexet Studio (the game developer ). Since the process of hacking such servers is extremely complicated, most of the mods advertised on the Strike Network are not effective and will not produce any result.

Most Block Strike mods do not work, and you won’t get the promised lots of gold

In some cases, instead of the official servers, the creators of the mods use their own servers, where the game is emulated. On these servers, various hacking options are possible, and you can easily get the amount of gold, money, weapons and other bonuses you need.

In some cases, mods use their own game servers

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Where to download hack for gold and money in Block Strike

The network provides a sufficient number of web resources where you can download a mod for Gold for Block Strike.

Among all the diversity, we note the following sites:

Links to sites: Explanation: This resource presents a mod for a lot of money and gold (version 1.4.0), as well as a mod version 2.6.0, where all purchases in the store are available. In the case of the last mod, you will need the presence of root rights. Also available for download mod version 1.4.0 for a lot of money in Block Strike. Here you can download the mod for money version 2.6.0. Available for downloading mod for money version 5.0.2. An English-language resource where you can download the mod for Gold version 2.6.0.
On the English resource available game mod version 2.6.0

The hack you downloaded to Block Strike will need to be installed correctly. Below we will figure out how to do this.

Installing a mod for a lot of gold in Block Strike

To ensure the health of the mod, it is important that it is installed correctly. In case of incorrect installation of the mod will not work, and you will not get the expected result.

The correct procedure for installing the mod Block Strike to receive gold and money is as follows:

  1. Uninstall the previous version of the game from your phone;
    Uninstall the game from your phone
  2. Reboot your smartphone;
  3. Go to one of the resources we have listed, and download the Block Strike mod file to your phone;
    Download the game mod to your phone
  4. Run this file for installation, and install the modified game on your gadget;
    Install a modified version of the game
  5. Launch the game and play.

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Video instruction

Above, we examined where you can download the mod for receiving money and gold in the game Block Strike. And also what are the features of the above hacks. We do not guarantee the operation of these hacks, as the user result (including game gold data) is stored on the developers’ servers and is practically not available for modification. Nevertheless, you can try the work of amateur servers Block Strike, and get there as much gold as you wish. See this video for more details.