Killer CS: GO or regular copy. Valorant Review

Valorant’s new multiplayer competitive shooter has come out of closed beta and millions of players have rushed to learn a new game. But whether it is so new, many call it the Counter-Strike clone, let’s find out whether it is so or not. In this article, we will look at a new project from Riot Games Valorant.

Gameplay Valorant

The main concept of the game, of course, is taken from CS, but there are some features. 2 teams of 5 people alternately defend and try to destroy the target with a bomb (in this case, a spike). There are 12 rounds in each half, a game with up to 13 wins, a team is bought at the beginning of each round. Let’s look at each aspect separately and compare with the prototype of the game from Valve.


In Valorant, all weapons have an analog from CS, but the ballistics in the game are completely different. In addition, each main weapon has a scope mechanics through RMB, this is one of the differences, but not significant. A much more significant difference is hitboxes, there are only 3 hitboxes in the game, these are legs, body, and head. Weapon damage is fixed in each of the hitboxes and adjusted for distance. Is this a way to make the game more arcade or maybe more academic for eSports? Solve this issue for yourself.


At the moment there are 4 cards in the game. All of them are very well balanced. The map structure itself is similar to all other similar games but has its own chips. For example, teleports are present on one of the cards, which allows you to discover new tactical opportunities. And on another map, there are not 2 goals, but 3. So think it looks like a COP or not.

Agents and Special Abilities

But this is exclusively a feature of this game. It has a division of players into agents. There are several of them in the game and each has its own abilities. Each of them has 3 and one ultimatum. 1 ability is always available and has a rollback, the rest are limited and need to be purchased. Ulta is recruited for killing opponents and selecting special spheres on the map. At its core, this ability is the replacement of grenades in CS, but due to their number and the inability to change the agent during the game, it gives a huge variety of gameplay.

Technical Performance Valorant

As one would expect from a project of this level, the game is made of very high quality. The style of the game is taken from other projects of Riot Games, with an emphasis on cartoonishness. Optimization is also at the highest level – there are no FPS restrictions, as it has become fashionable to do, and very diverse settings for fitting to your car. In general, there are no complaints about the technical side, in addition, the developers themselves lure players with a high tick rate.

Valorant Distribution Model

If you played LoL, you can roughly imagine what Valorant represents in terms of monetization. This is a free game with microtransactions for the purchase of in-game currency, which can be spent on the purchase of visuals and a combat pass. Unlike LoL, agents open by pumping their profile and can not be bought for currency.


This article described the main features of Valorant. In my opinion, this game will occupy its niche in this genre, and possibly become a leader, as it happened with LoL in due time.

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