How to win? Clash Royale Chips

Clash Royale is a gaining competitive strategy with elements of a collectible card game. Competitions are regularly held in this game, and it also has a player rating system. To rise higher in the ranking you need to win by yourself, however, this is not always easy, because you need a good deck. In this article I will tell you some chips with which you can win even without an expensive deck.

Have patience, wait for the best moment

The quieter you go, the further you’ll get. This saying goes well with Clash Royale. There are many aggressive strategies with strong cards. They are designed for the opponent to be confused and begin to spend all resources to stop the onslaught. Wait, do not start resistance, until the enemy reveals all his cards and spends resources. For example, it’s always better to wait until the creatures of the enemy come within the radius of the tower, then it can help your units cope with the onslaught. In any case, do not rush and wait for a moment in which you can use your resources more profitably than your opponent.

Observe positioning

Never put creatures anywhere. For each of your cards, a place must be adjusted to observe rotation, or to effectively defend against attack. For example, you can lure large enemy siege units (such as a giant, a royal giant, royal boars and others) from your tower to another structure, and when they spend a lot of time to overcome the distance. Just put the building approximately in the middle of your side of the field, when they are already approaching the tower, then they will begin to attack the building, and the tower will shoot them at that time and will not lose a single health. In the same way, slow troops (such as PEKKA or the giant skeleton) can be lured by placing a cheap detachment a little further from the center from the side of the field where the enemy unit passes. While he will chase after your soldier, the towers will deal with him.

Follow the elixir

One of the most important elements of Clash Royale, as a strategy, is resource management. You should always understand how much elixir you have and how much you have left if you use one or another card. This also applies to the elixir of the enemy. You can always roughly calculate how much elixir your opponent has, because from the very beginning of the match you have the same number of elixir and it stays at the same time (unless of course there is an elixir collector). Try to learn the cost of all cards, it is not so simple, but if you succeed, then you will have a huge advantage over any opponent. Knowing that the opponent has spent all the resources, you can simply spam him with creatures and win. Or vice versa, knowing that the enemy has maximum mana, it can be assumed that he expects an attack from you and think over a strategy.

A few tricks in Clash Royale

And of course, to win you just need to know a few tricks in the game:

1. Card clone and evasion of removers – for example, you put a giant, a princess or Sparky. The enemy launches a fireball or rocket at him, so what to do? Just use a clone on your being and it takes the position of a real unit and takes a hit on itself. Everything is simple.
2. Tornado and activation of the king – very often the enemy uses some cards to simply damage the towers. For example a miner, a boar rider or a barrel of goblins. Using the tornado correctly, you can re-agitate these creatures to the royal tower, it will take damage and activate. After such a move, it will not be easy for the enemy to demolish your lines, because the king will cover them.
3. The radius of attack of units and buildings –knowing the radius of attack of your creatures and structure, you can attack the enemy and be out of reach. So, for example, you can use a crossbow card, a royal giant or a princess. Always pay attention to the radius of attack of your cards.

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped you improve your rating in the game Clash Royale.