Hello everyone, friends, today we will build a cable car (zipline) in Minecraft without mods. There is lava around this road and it seems impossible to get over it, but everything works fine.
Канатная дорога (зиплайн) в Майнкрафт
Cable car (zipline) in Minecraft

To begin with, we put a quartz block and put another one against this block. On this quartz we put 3 more blocks of quartz, and on quartz we put 2 fences made of oak. Then we put quartz on the fence for the last time, and under the fence we put a quartz step, which should “look” at the opposite side of the bridge.

On the other hand, we do everything the same. We connect the upper columns with a quartz slab, and put frames under the slab. Place dark oak hatches around the slabs and quartz and lower them. We also put hatches on top of the plates.

Pour water between the frames and the quartz plate. We put the stairs to the right and left of the quartz columns. It remains only to pour lava under this bridge and you can try to cross the lava. We go into the settings and change the mode to “survival”. We climb to any column, then we jump and swim to the other side. As you can see, everything works fine.

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