Giant Simulator Cheat Codes


Giant Simulator is a game created by Mithril Games developer specifically for Roblox. She came out in early 2019. For such a short period of time, it has been played 28 million times, so the developer is trying to update it on a regular basis and release new codes for Giant Simulator.

Game process

Giant Simulator is a game where you need to become a great warrior in this universe. Initially, the player begins with the most ordinary knight and must improve his characteristics. For example, you can run around locations and so endurance will improve. In this case, the force is improved by conventional strokes. You can perform tasks, thanks to which the player will improve his level. With each level increase, the player will grow in size until he becomes a huge giant. In this mode, you can forget about the standard skin from Roblox. It provides its own appearance of the hero, which falls out of cases. They are given as a gift for raising the level, or the purchase. The user is able to fight with any enemy he sees. You don’t even need to enter any special arena for this.

Game currency

In Giant Simulator, I share the following currencies:

Gold – you can get it for every hit, as well as for codes on the Giant Simulator. Gold can be spent on the purchase of chests, from which both weapons and appearance can fall. At the same time, the existing appearance and weapons can be improved.
Robux – a currency that can be bought exclusively for real money. You can spend on the purchase of a wide variety of bonuses. Also additionally for robots level, weapons, features and unique cases.
In general, this mode will not require any financial investments from the user.



Codes may be out of date.


Boss +10,000 gold
Robzi +5000 gold
Battle +5000 gold
Launch +1000 gold
NewYear +5000 gold
Rebirth +10,000 gold
Toilet +5000 gold
Arena +1000 gold
RussoPlays +5000 gold
Quest +2000 gold
TofuuRebirth1 +5000 gold
SubToAustin +2000 gold
Azad26k +2600 gold
subtoplanetmilo +2500 gold