Games that dislike even before the release. Top 5.


5th place. Mass Effect Andromeda .

The first thing users didn’t like was that the developers started a new story without finishing the old one, removing Shepard from it. Well, the overwhelming number of bugs that hit the network the day before the release turned the entire game world away from this project.

4th place. The Elder Scrolls Online.

The game was disliked before the release, due to deceived expectations of gamers. When the Arbor began to hint at a new game from the Scrolls series, the people thought that finally it would be Skyrim 2 or something epic. But they showed the template MMORPG, which will interfere with the development of a masterpiece in the world of Tamriel.

3rd place. Watch Dogs.

Yubisoft caused hatred for the project with its slices of graphics, uploading new frames of gameplay every three months, turning off special effects over and over again. The disgruntled gaming community bombarded Yubikov with a comparison of the frames of the current videos and clips six months ago, to which the developers answered that this was not a deterioration in graphics, but optimization)

2nd place. ACTIVE SHOOTER.

This game was removed even from Steam, and now it can no longer be found. And there is a reason. In this project, you can play for terrorists who capture municipal institutions, such as schools, hospitals, etc. I think there’s nothing to add here …

1 place. Battlefield 5.

Impurities poured onto the game immediately after showing the gameplay video, for one simple reason, it seemed to gamers that the video was made under the dictation of an organization supporting feminism. And this is difficult to argue, since the character, a disabled girl with an iron arm, crushed enemies as a terminator from 3021, and African-Americans flickering in the background aroused suspicion that they could not be killed.