Samurai without honor. Game review Ghost of Tsushima

The latest exclusive to the outgoing console generation, Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch. It was first shown at E3 2 years ago, along with another Japanese-themed project – Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. But unlike From Software’s game, Ghost of Tsushima had a bias towards the historicity and precision of samurai cultural traditions. And now, after almost 3 years of development, the game was released. Whether the developers managed to meet the expectations of fans of Japanese culture, you will find out in this review.

Mongol horde on vacation

The plot of the game is connected with the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The main character is one of the samurai of Tsushima Island, who turned out to be the first obstacle for the huge army of the Mongol invasion. In the decisive battle, all your fellow samurai perish, your uncle is taken hostage, and you miraculously manage to survive. As you progress through the story, you will learn more about the samurai code of honor and how difficult it is to balance between adherence to the code and moral principles. In general, the main plot is straightforward and understandable, a typical story of revenge. However, against its background, there is a hidden storyline about the relationship between the protagonist and his uncle, about the difficult path of their development, the denouement of which will make one think about the eternal question of fathers and children.

It’s far from the next gene

For the ultimate exclusive to Sony’s current generation of consoles, the game doesn’t look good enough. RDR 2 two years ago looks many times better, not to mention the recent novelty Last of us 2. Perhaps the game was in a hurry to finish before the next generation consoles were released, or maybe they just didn’t have enough experience. One way or another, the picture is very soapy, the colors merge and are too bright, which hurts the eyes, and the physics of objects is absolutely absent, and where it is, it is done very sloppily. The only technical praise for the game is the cut-scenes. They are delivered very high quality, the picture is more expressive and thanks to the angles, the blur is not very striking, the feeling remains as from watching a movie. A great soundtrack also smoothes the impression.

The art of the samurai or how to defeat the war alone

And now we come to the main disappointment of the game Ghost of Tsushima – it’s the gameplay. I will not talk about one-button combat and absolutely uninteresting secondary tasks. The open world is absolutely nominal and empty. At the 10th hour of the game, you can start placing bets on which of the 3 animations the Mongol will fall after the last hit. You don’t even have to start talking about the realism of the battles, the battles are absolutely arcade, the blows are not felt, and the movements look ridiculous. The player is not rewarded in any way for passing on high difficulty and exploring the world, the challenge is not felt and the desire to complicate the gameplay disappears from boredom. Complicating combat by increasing the health and damage of opponents looks ridiculous for a game of this caliber in 2020. The gameplay causes only one desire – to quickly run through the plot.


The game, of course, absolutely fell short of the expectations placed on it. Probably the players wanted too much or the developers decided to cheat. For fans of the Japanese theme, the game is still recommended for familiarization. For everyone else, I can only advise if there is absolutely nothing to play and do not mind the money for an expensive console exclusive.

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