Feel yourself surviving. The best post apocalypse games

Looking at what is happening in the world now, you involuntarily think about the apocalypse. But what awaits us after? This question has long been asked by video game developers, and quite a few games have come into being that present us with a variety of scenarios of the ends of the world and life after it. In this article, I will talk about the most famous games in this genre. If you want to try your hand and assess the chances of your survival in post-apocalypse, then this selection is for you.

Fallout Game Series

Vault Boy - you can say the mascot of the FallOut series

Even if you are not a fan of games in the post-apocalypse, and computer games at all, then you certainly have heard about this super-popular game. This game has a huge community of fans of all ages. If you have not tried the games in this series, I highly recommend it. You do not have to start getting acquainted with this series from the first games, because all of them, although they exist in the same universe, is in no way connected with the plot. Different games in the series also differ in genre, you can choose for your taste: isometric RPG with elements of turn-based strategy, Action-RPG or even MMORPG.

STALKER Game Series

This game is not so much about the post-apocalypse, but about how the world can change in the framework of the local doomsday. Yes, and to pass this game, which in the post-Soviet space has acquired the status of a cult, is in no way possible. There is nothing to talk about here, the atmosphere of hopelessness and survival in the deceased world is incredibly well conveyed in the game, all this is combined with good elements of the shooter, among which bullet ballistics are excellent for that time.

Mad Max(2015)

And will dilute this selection of games with depressing subtext, a crazy action-adventure with RPG elements. The game is based on the films of the same name. Here you will not find deep thoughts about the causes of the end of the world and attempts to move towards a better future, there are only action and the struggle for survival in a world gone crazy. The game does not shine with variety and a cunning plot, but for aesthetic pleasure from the picture and relaxation in the evenings, it is perfect.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the west

And for dessert, a game that has been unfairly known only in narrow circles of gamers, however, the developers themselves are to blame for this. The developers managed to turn innovative ideas for that time, which brought variety to the game into a monotonous routine, this is paradoxical, but even so the game is very good. And if you add to this some technical flaws and exclusivity for consoles at the start of sales, the result is a sales failure and the death of a new franchise. Despite this, if you are a fan of games in the post-apocalypse, dynamic, and with an interesting plot, then you must try this game.


Of course, these are not all good games about post-apocalypse, but if you want to get acquainted with this concept, then these video games are mandatory for familiarization. And if this collection is in demand, then there will certainly be a sequel with even more games!

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped you get acquainted with the best games about post-apocalypse.