Cyberpunk 2077. We are waiting for the Polish Deus Ex

A new project from the Polish studio CD Projekt Red has long been shrouded in suspense, a bunch of rumors and dubious insiders. The studio remained silent for a very long time after the last presentation of the gameplay. The constant postponement of the game and the lack of fresh trailers gave rise to more rumors and doubts. However, on June 25, the developers, in addition to a fresh presentation of the game, provided some gaming media with the opportunity to try out the demo games. In this article we will consider all the new information that was presented in a fresh presentation.

Cyberpunk is not an RPG

Despite many assumptions and information from the developers themselves, the game will ultimately not be role-playing in the direct sense of the word. You will have a character, with the possibility of customizing it, there will be a pumping system, dialogs and some semblance of an open world, but all this will only be a decoration of one story. Simply put, Cyberpunk will be a story action with rpg elements. It’s good or bad to decide, but now let’s go in order.

In Cyberpunk 2077, your character is not you

Yes, you will have the opportunity to choose the character’s appearance, and you will be able to choose the passage options and replicas in the dialogs, but all of them will be tied to the character’s ready-made character. You cannot play the role you have chosen; your character already has his own beliefs and goals. You will only be given the opportunity to choose which way the main character will reach them.

Shooter or stealth action

Based on the information in the presentation, we can conclude that the combat system in the game is not homogeneous. Fights in the game are mandatory, rarely you will be able to meet a task in which you can only agree on words. However, how you deal with this depends solely on your desires and your leveling. You want to stealth, you want to run with a machine gun at the ready or chop enemies with daggers. It is too early to talk about how well all of this will be implemented, but the very fact of the presence of such diversity inspires optimism.

Thousands of hours of content

The fact that the script has already been registered in advance and you do not have much freedom of choice in terms of the plot of the game should not confuse you. As stated earlier, Cyberpunk is not an RPG, the open world is nominal and serves as a decoration … a decoration for many tasks that are not connected with the main plot. If this game was developed by another studio, one could suspect that the secondary tasks would be banal and uninteresting, but the Witcher developers do this game, which means that the secondary tasks will not let you get bored.


At the moment, according to the latest data obtained from the last presentation, Cyberpunk is a kind of Deus Ex, more ambitious, but essentially Deus Ex. It’s too early to say something, the developers are not in vain postponing the release and the final product may still surprise everyone. What do you think of this? Write in the comments.