Chronicles of Chaos: The best bundles (teams) of heroes

Perhaps you do not know yet how many heroes are in the Chronicle of Chaos , there are 51 of them . Not all of them are top, not all are useful, not all are strong and not all are needed. There are the best heroes who “drag” the game, there are situational ones, and there are frankly useless heroes.

Everything written below is relevant for the browser version of the game. Mobile is different from her.

I present to your attention the guide “The best heroes of the Chronicles of Chaos or Which heroes are better to download?”

Part 1. The best tank

First you need to decide on a tank that will stand until your pack destroys your opponents. The tank is the main support, while it is alive – your pack is also alive , which is why it is so important.
At the start you will be given 3 tanks:Galahad ,Astaroth ,Luther and almost immediately you will have the opportunity to start collecting the 4th tankAurora . A little later, from level 10, you will have the opportunity to collect Chubbu as a tank in the arena shop. Whether you are a newbie or not in the near future there is an event for the chests of souls – you should stay at one of them.
The best of these five areAstaroth ,Aurora andGalahad .

Astaroth is a classic tank with good indicators of health, armor and protection from magic, its 1 skill applies a shield absorbing physical. damage and at the same time increasing the armor of your entire pack (active effect from 1 artifact), his second skill transfers part of the damage from the sagging hero in your pack, his 4 skill in the event of an accidental death of himself or an ally – will resurrect 1 time per battle. All this, plus the fact that he immediately appears with you with 2 stars, plus the ability to farm soul stones for him from the very start – makes him a universal tank in any pack.

Aurora is a good tank, she defends herself from physical damage with a high dodge chance, from a magician. damage it is protected by the skill to absorb damage, which absorbs up to 85% (depending on the level) damage. Periodically, in a battle against magicians, it bursts into the top in terms of damage done, Feels great in packs on a slope (with a petCain ) and in magic packs (all her skills deal damage from magic). Her Achilles’ pet – leveling difficulty. While developing it, you should be ready at least a little to donate to the skins, soul stones and artifacts, or play with a less effective tank, developing it for longer, because without this, it is slightly inferior in survivability to its colleagues.

Galahad – as good as Astaroth, in terms of his own survival, is perhaps even better, because of his high damage and 45% of vampirism, he often dies last in the pack, is able to stand for a long time even without a heal, but his artifact gives a bonus to physical. damage , and his skills are mostly focused only on dealing damage and do not save your pack. Dealing damage to the entire enemy pack, it actively charges the entire enemy pack. Typically used by experienced players who know in advance their ideal “assault zergpack” which they will play.

Cleaver – it is worth mentioning separately – if you are a lucky 1 in a million and at the beginning of the game you gotCleaver , place it with a tank without options, if you are lucky 1 in a billion and you still got a pair of itPeppy orJoo , this combination will multiply your enemies by 0 for a very long time. They also go well with him Helios ,Lars ,Christa ,Jorgen .
Stat comparisonsCleaver andAstaroth at level 50:

Best heal.

You know the joke that Thea will soon become the best tank in the game?
You know the joke that Thea will soon become the best tank in the game?

No matter how strong your tank and your build are, you won’t go far without a heal . It is needed in both pvp and pvp. Therefore, the healer is in second place after the tank. But with heals, it’s a little more complicated.

Do not worry!  She has a sunny look that makes her a young and hot brunette.
Do not worry! She has a sunny look that makes her a young and hot brunette.

The most versatile heal is Martha . But getting it is not so easy, if you are lucky you will get it from the heroic chest, if not, you will have to wait until the end of the month and spend on it the Small Chest of Heroes’ Souls ( 28 daily rewards in the account ).Martha is not only an excellent heal, but also a reliable overlap of the backline.Jorgen periodically activates the transfer of damage to the last hero in the enemy pack and is very common in the game, andOne of Joo ‘s skills begins to frantically throw axes at the last hero, inflicting monstrous damage. Both of these heroes are very common, so you may have problems with any other heal.Martha is now found in 70% of all builds.

If your server did not open at the beginning of the month, or you started playing not in the first days, then most likely you will not receive the chest this month. Every first day of the month The daily reward is reset and the countdown starts over.

If you are ready to spend some money after the first purchase, you will be offered to make a second one and receive it as a gift Celeste .Celeste does not have good health and armor Martha , she’s lacking in mass healing, but in return it does very, very high damage from the “hand” and is even capable of one-shots of enemy DDs (though only at the leveling stage, after 130 it won’t work anymore), blocks the healing of the enemy team (including and resurrection from the most popular tank Astarotha ) and in manual combat mode, you yourself can keep it in the desired heal / dd form. Even having received Martha , you can leaveCeleste with the second heal up to level 60-80 until you feel that the pack is mature and lives well with 1 heal.

If you are going to play without donation at all and understand that You won’t get Martha in the next few months – you should downloadMaya . You will get it at the beginning of the game, and soul stones for it, you can easily get it later in the arena store. Its flower heals the whole team quite well at once (unfortunately, it usually dies from area damage), and if your pack also containsFaceless , you can copy this flower to them.

Part 3 – DPS and Support. Only the best packs of heroes!

Now it remains to decide which of the heroes will inflict damage on you. As a rule, this is done by combinations of heroes of 1-2 DD + support / control.
The strongest and most popular team builds:

The most popular physical bundles

1. “Karhopak” (Pack with Karhom ) is the strongest, simplest and most popular (Karhopaks are ~ 40% of all packs in the game) at the moment.

The main damage deals K’arch (you can buy his soul stones after level 60 or from heroes’ soul chests.)
As support, they go to him:
Sebastian (soul stones for the New Year’s event or from soul chests)
Nebula (her soul stones, as well asK’arch are obtained for certificates of the tournament of the elements, which will complicate the collection of the pack.)
Faceless , his soul stones can be collected in the “friendship” store from the very beginning of the game.

All 3 will not come out to pack to the heal and the tank. Usually choose 2 out of 3

Standard tank and heal are: Astaroth and Martha In a mirror match as a pack against
K’arch often use this pack: Astaroth ,K’arch , Faceless ,Andvari ,Martha . Be sure to remove the Nebula so as not to charge the enemy Karh. Alternative (less efficient Karhopak builds )

Astaroth ,K’arch ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Martha
Astaroth ,K’arch ,Nebula ,Kai ,Faceless
Astaroth ,K’arch ,Jorgen ,Faceless ,Jet
Astaroth K’arch ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Jet
Astaroth ,K’arch ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Faceless
Cleaver ,K’arch ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Faceless /Martha
Astaroth ,K’arch ,Jorgen ,Faceless ,Martha
Astaroth ,K’arch ,Kai ,Jorgen ,Faceless
Astaroth ,K’arch ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Jorgen ,Faceless
Astaroth ,K’arch ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Jorgen ,Martha

2. “Kirapak” (packs with Kiroi )

The main damage deals Kira (her soul stones can be easily obtained in the initial chapters of the campaign), but her main armor-breaking appearance is available for obtaining only during the New Year event . If it’s January and the event is over, you will have to wait a year.

But do not overuse getting soul stones for heroes from the campaign. If you collect more than 2 heroes in the campaign, you will have difficulties with energy to obtain items and raise the rank of these same heroes.

As support comes:
Sebastian ,Nebula , but tanking at high levels in such a pack often Andvari instead of Astaroth , which helps to kill K’arch .
Standard tank and heal are:Astaroth andMartha .
Not a standard tank is sometimes crushed Chubba , the moment he swallows your opponent’s tank,Kira can manage to shoot the entire enemy pack.
Alternative (less popular Kirapak builds )
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Kira , Nebula , Martha
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Kira , Nebula ,Jorgen
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora Qing Mao /Elmir ,Kira ,Jorgen , Martha
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora ,Kira , Nebula ,Jorgen , Martha
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Kira , Nebula ,Cornelius
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Kira ,Dorian ,Thea (In this packThea will be the last andDorian with his aura will reachKira .)
And another very interesting pack: Kritokira
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora ,Kira ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Jet ( Jet passively give crits to the whole pack and during the ult will increase Kiru , together withThe non-bulky damage numbers are just space …)

3. “Jupak” (packs, bundles with Ju )

The main damage deals Ju (his soul stones are obtained in the guild war store, your guild must be at least silver, or from the heroes soul chest).
As support comes:Sebastian , Nebula .
Standard tank and heal are:Astaroth and Martha .
Alternative (less popular buildsJu paka):
Astarot /Galahad /Cleaver , Qing Mao ,Ju , Nebula , Martha /Jet
Astarot /Galahad / Cleaver ,Qing Mao ,Ju , Nebula , Jorgen
Astarot /Galahad / Cleaver ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Ju , Jorgen , Martha /Jet
Astarot /Galahad / Cleaver ,Ju , Nebula , Jorgen , Martha /Jet
Very interesting without tank pack with Joo (try you will definitely like it).
Elmir , Ju , Nebula , Sebastian , Martha .

4. Bundles with Yasmin .

Yasmin , recently appeared in the Chronicle, but her monstrous damage to one target immediately gained popularity. At the moment, there are no sources of obtaining it. Very good against Kira, Karkh and Deer

If you already have it, you can open the heroic chest and get its souls.

As support comes: Sebastian , Nebula .
Standard tank and heal are:Astaroth andMartha .
Alternative (less efficient builds of packs with Yasmin ):
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora ,Yasmin ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Martha
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora , Yasmin ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Jorgen ,Faceless
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora , Yasmin ,Qing Mao /Elmir ,Jorgen ,Martha
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora , Yasmin ,Jorgen ,Faceless ,Jet
Astarot /Galahad /Aurora , Yasmin ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Jet
Cleaver , Yasmin ,Nebula ,Jorgen ,Martha

5. Bundles with Dante

Why Is K’arch one of the most popular heroes now?
1. One of his abilities, he deals 100% of physical attack damage to all enemies thrown into the air.
2. His other ability multiplies this damage by 2 if the enemy’s level isK’arch or below him
3. Since he is in the front line and takes damage, he quickly charges, plus he has the ability to block physical. damage and charges even faster.
4. With his first ability, he knocks 3 opponents with the lowest health in the air.
5. He frantically heals, inflicting monstrous damage to the thrown enemies.
It all does K’arch top dd.
Recently redesignedDante cannot boast of a quick set of energy or high self-healing.
But instead of healing, he has a high dodge rate + he buffs dodge for the whole team. And in terms of damage, it may even exceedK`arha , because it causes 220% P. Atk 4 first capability + throws further lance to 110% P. Atk whenever its Dodge . But it is too early to judge whether he can displace the most popular physical. assembly or not. The developers claim that yes, but the players are now skeptical about the “legendary weakest hero.” I suggest you make your own choice after reading the video from the creators of the game themselves, in which they showed all its unimaginable power.

You can read more about Dante’s potential and packs with him >>>HERE <<<

Most popular magician. bundles

1. Pack with “Deer”

Perhaps the best magic pack is ” Deer “
The main damage comes from the bundleLars +Christa , their soul stones, although they are farming in the campaign, you will not start receiving them until 2-3 months of the game. Closer to level 70, there is usually a promotion for buying them separately – 700 rubles for 150 soul stones. The only option to get them earlier is if there is now an event for the chests of soul stones (for example, summer or winter) or they fell out of a heroic chest. Pak is insanely strong, but it is also one of the most difficult and expensive to level up of all existing in the game.
As a support, they usually takeJorgen , Helios (Helios is one of the strongest magicians in the game, but his Achilles heel is the lack of penetration of the defense magician and Lars , andChrista know how to reduce the protection from the magic of opponents)
Standard tank and heal are:Astaroth andMartha /Dorian .
Alternative pack builds withChrista andLarsom :
Cleaver ,Christa ,Jorgen /Helios ,Lars ,Martha .
Aurora , Christa , Jorgen , Lars , Helios .
Astaroth , Christa , Jorgen , Lars ,Martha .
Christa , Celeste , Jorgen ,Lars ,Helios .
Astaroth , Christa , Celeste , Jorgen ,Lars

In the assembly with Deer in the arena, you can sometimes see packs: Christa (as a tank)Lars ,Jorgen ,Celeste ,Martha . Due to the skill for -86% damage Christa is excellent at dumping damage.

This pack, like any other at the stage of pumping, must be pumped correctly and in no case pumped . Here are a couple of simple rules:
Keep your health score Lars is the second after the tank in the pack to Karh did not kill him. And do not overclock the health of the pack itself, otherwise the pack will become heavy and slow. Jorgen andMartha is generally contraindicated to pump vitality .
Keep intelligenceChrista is at least 1, but higher than the intelligence of the rest in the pack, so thatCornelius couldn’t kill anyone.
Even if you do not see the packages on the serverCornelius does not mean that his opponents do not have him. Often all the final chapters of the campaign go through it and most likely many have it.
Ideally, toLars ultimated only when there are thorns on the field from Christa , “rolling” opponents over them, they inflict monstrous damage , and afterKrista must finish off the survivors with her ultimate. You will have to customize this with symbols, images and the gift of the elements , based on the vitality of the enemy heroes. Less healthLarsa – charges faster, it is important to catch the right moment.

2. Pack Orion +Helios .

One of the oldest packs that has always dealt and still does high damage. Helios has a very high magical damage, but is deprived of breaking through magical protection,Orion is an unstoppable ult and gives a break of magic protection. A lovely couple that complements each other perfectly.
As support comes :Jorgen /Faceless /Nebula .
Standard tank and heal are:Astarot /Aurora , andMartha .
Alternative assemblies are found:
Astarot /Aurora ,Celeste , Nebula ,Orion ,Helios .
Aurora ,Jorgen /Nebula ,Orion , Dorian ,Helios .

Kovus and Morrigan

A separate article is devoted to them >>> LINK TO GO <<<

Additional heroes

Situational which is useful to keep in reserve, even if they are not included in your main pack, but in certain situations there are ways to help you break through a pack that cannot be killed without them.

Jorgen – turns off the set of energy of the enemy team (you are the ultimate, but the opponents are not), transfers damage from the tank to the last enemy.

If you are going to build a pack with Nebula . In the early stages, until you collect Nebula, Jorgen can perfectly replace her You can even leave it standing in the pack instead of it if you feel that it is more convenient for you. There is a popular wisdom ” one and the same pack without Jorgen always loses to a pack with Jorgen … If Sebastian is not in it.” It is included in 57% of all game packs.

Satori – Right now, the entire meta is full of heroes that get bonus energy. itK’arch ,Jorgen ,Orion ,Andvari .Satori is capable of tearing them all apart, but he is countered by him everywhere.Sebastian .

Helios is the simplest and at the same time deadly weapon against Yasmin . It also counteracts well with its solar windAstrid and Lucas.

Andvari – in terms of its characteristics it is inferior to traditional tanks, but thanks to the ability to prohibit toss yourself up and 1 more ally, it successfully acts as a tank in the fight against K’archs .

Sebastian – even if you don’t use it in the main pack, it is useful in the fight against the Deer , Satori and any other lovers of debuffing. A very popular hero, he is used in 45% of all packs on an ongoing basis and even more as a replacement hero to break through the pack.

Rufus is a tank invulnerable to magic , covering your pack with a shield that absorbs a lot of magical damage . If not for the extreme vulnerability to physical. damage – would be the top 1 tank by a wide margin.

You won’t be able to download everyone at once, focus on the main 5 and 1-2 additional maximum.

The final.

Briefly about the heroes and the availability of their soul gems:
Faceless  available for collection immediately in the Friendship store .
Kira – available from ~ 15-20 level in the campaign .
Jorgen – available from level 25 in the Outland store.
Dante – available from level 35 in the Tower store .
K’arch – available from level 60 in the shop of the Tournament of Elements .
Nebula – available from level 60 in the Elemental Tournament store .
Joo – only players of the silver league and higher in the Guild War store have access to the stones .
Helios becomes available ~ from level 85 in the campaign
Christa +Lars – you probably won’t start farming their stones until level 90 .
Martha – Available only from the Heroic Chest .
Sebastian – Available during the New Years Event .
Yasmin – available only with a special promotion . All of the above heroes except
Yasmin are available from the Minor Hero Soul Chest at the end of the month or the Hero Soul Chest .

I hope all this helped you decide on the pack. Now I would like to highlight the good heroes who can close the “holes” in your pack until you start putting together your ideal setup for multiplying opponents by 0.

Temporary DDs for substitution:

At the start, you do not have access to all the top heroes at once, but other good heroes may temporarily take their place, here is the list:
Arachne – after completing the last mission of chapter 1 , you start a promotion: within 13 hours – for each mission you will receive soul stones Arachne , usually there are very, very many of them, which allows her to immediately raise 3-4 stars and thanks to these stars up to level 50, she will be an excellent fighter in any pack.
On the 7th day you will be givenAstrid and Lucas (Lucas is the 6th hero in the pack!) , They have good damage on 1 target, they counterK’arch and Ju , useful in Outland , great in the Grand Arena . Therefore, you can leave them in the pack for the first time.
For the first time, they are just as greatGinger andMojo which players often get at the start. Unfortunately after level 35 it is better to replace them.
From the Tower store you can takeDante andOrion is one of the strongest DPS characters that will also come in handy for Outland .
You can safely take from the friendship storeFaceless , he will copy the last applied “ult”, and its level will be multiplied by 2 ( at level 50 with the maximum pumping of the first skillThe faceless copying the ability will use it as if it is level 100. ) Additionally, he will knock back the enemy tank, becoming a pack of the enemy, cut his physical attack and buff the magician passively to your group. protection. The Outland Store is best for collecting
Jorgen , if for some reason you do not want to collect and use the above dd, then here you can take an excellent dps and strengthen the first line Qing Mao , orElmira . But remember! You will not be able to comfortably collect more than one hero in this store.

The ideal starter pack I would call:
Up to level 35:
Thea, Artemis, Ginger / Daredevil / Fox / Mojo, Galahad, Astarot.

Ginger / Daredevil / Fox – (depending on who drops to you)
Levels fly quickly, and gold and free skill points may not be enough. Therefore, do not download unnecessary
Astarot – download the 1st skill, he will stay with you for a long time, he can also pump up symbols, appearances and artifacts on quests (Just do not download the magician attack! Armor, magic. Defense, strength, health. )
Thea – download only 1st and 2nd skill priority for the second
Artemis, Ginger / Daredevil / Fox / Mojo, Galahadu – download only 1st skill.
In parallel, start collecting Kira . As soon as you receive it, immediately add it to the pack, instead of any dd or Galahad of your choice.

After level 35:

Thea, Orion, Kira, Dante, Astaroth.

With the opening of the tower, buy yourself Dante and Orion there. These three are some of the strongest DDs in the game. Later, as you have the heroes necessary for the pack, throw them out of the pack and put new ones.

Around the middle of summer, autumn and winter , major events are held during which you can immediately start collecting your ideal setup.