Bored of the classic? 5 great mods for Minecraft

Minecraft is an incredible game that gives you complete freedom of action. However, no matter how many opportunities the game gives us, sooner or later it can get boring. To freshen up your impressions of the game, you can install several mods, but now there are many of them that can be confused. In this article I will tell you about 5 great mods for Minecraft.


A mod that adds a bunch of options for setting graphics. This mod beyond recognition will change the world of Minecraft. You will be very surprised at the picture that you see in front of you, after setting up the mod. At the same time, the mod does not heavily load the system, so there is no way to affect performance.


Another purely functional mod, but greatly changing your perception of the game. With this mod, absolutely all blocks, not just sand and gravel, will fall if they do not have supports. Using this mod, you will take a fresh look at all aspects of the game from construction to battles with monsters.

Mo ‘creatures

And this is a global mod. After installing it, your Minecraft world will be filled with a wide variety of animals. However, this mod is global both in terms of gameplay and technical. On weak computers, performance problems may occur, but fortunately, the developers envisioned this and added fine-tuning of the mod to maintain balance.

Minecraft Comes Alive

You must have noticed that the villages in Minecraft, like their inhabitants, are very amorphous and of the same type. This mod will fix this. In addition to the fact that villagers will become more diverse, they will have their own character and characteristics. The mod makes interaction with residents more interesting, and the residents themselves begin to behave more socialized and interact with each other, rather than just walking and guessing.


And finally, a fun mod. For lovers of construction, and especially home improvement, as in some Sims. This mod allows you to look at a block or item from your inventory and see how it will look during installation. A simple but very useful mod.

Thanks for reading! These are not all the mods for Minecraft that I would like to tell you about. In order not to miss even more selections and news from the gaming industry, subscribe to the channel and watch the feed!