3 interesting facts about Payday that will surprise you

Payday is a cooperative first-person shooter game. The first part was released in 2011 and was a huge success among the players. The continuation was not long in coming. The new part was more diverse and sophisticated and is currently in the top games from Steam with the highest online. In this article, I will talk about 3 facts about Payday that may surprise you.

The developers were inspired by the Dark Knight

Frame from the movie "The Dark Knight" 2008

In 2009, developers from the young studio Overkill Software decided to develop a game in the genre of the first-person shooter. I think no one will argue that the main gameplay concept of the game almost completely migrated from another popular game in this genre – Left 4 Dead. However, few people know that the idea of ​​a game about robbers in clown masks occurred to the developers after watching the movie “The Dark Knight”. They liked the bank robbery scene at the beginning of the film so much that the developers decided to create a game similar to this at all costs. It turned out quite a decent game for the film, one might say.

The game could be banned in the United States, but not because of scenes of violence

When the second part of the game came out, like all similar products, it had to pass an assessment on the age limit. Then, in addition to the age limit of 18 years, the developers received a recommendation to rename one of the main characters of the game – a former military black man named Chains (in English Chains – lane Chains). The office stated that this nickname could be perceived as an allusion to slavery, which could be the subject of a debate about racism. But the developers, considering this remark absurd, decided not to change anything. And after the success of the game, no one even thought about such a trifle, except perhaps the haters of the game.

The developers have fallen off the ratings of the game, in order to save it

Now, playing Payday 2, you don’t even think about the fact that the game servers could be shut down. In 2015, at the peak of the game’s popularity, developers suddenly introduced loot boxes, which many players hate. On the same day, angry player reviews began to appear on Steam and on Metacritic. They did not even realize that at that moment the studio was on the verge of bankruptcy. Maintaining the game and developing a new project took too much money; numerous paid DLCs for the game did not even help. And although the developers promised not to add microtransactions to the game, they had no other choice. This decision helped and the studio was saved. Later, the developers explained the situation, but the trust of the players was no longer return.

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